The original Hida Takayama recipe reinvented 

Takayama Wood Works

Takayama Wood Works, as part of the Kashiwa Mokko furniture group, is a brand that was established in 1995 the Gifu prefecture in Japan. It is the conception of Japanese designer Eri Uwakura. In 1995 he met with representatives of the Takayama Wood Works association where he explained his vision for a brand that was still completely loyal to the original Hida Takayama recipe. He was dissatisfied with the current state of affairs in the Hida Takayama furniture production and wanted to create his own brand with full respect for the craftsmanship and art of the original “Hida design” yet sufficiently distinct from the current furniture brands in the Takayama prefecture. And so Takayama Wood Works was created. Nowadays part of the Kashiwa Mokko group, the Takayama Wood Works still produces its furniture pieces, fully by hand, by skilled craftsmen, with the use of the best solid wood, with respect for the legendary craftsmanship and still in the same artisanal factory. Its style can be characterized strongly as the original Hida design however updated and moderated where necessary. The furniture is made of high quality and lasts a lifetime. One of the signatures of Takayama Wood Works is the use of a production technique called “Chigiri”. This inventive production method is used for the production of the (arm)chairs and stools and features no nails at all to connect the several pieces, without compromising on quality or durability. Another signature of the brand is the use of both walnut and oak in the same design. This creates a beautiful contrast that’s not seen yet with other Hida Takayama brands.

Hida furniture originates from the Gifu prefecture with the central city of Takayama. The region, 5 hours west of Tokyo, is fully enclosed by mountains and vasts forests and is a region that is well-renowned for its furniture industry. Several Hida brands have originated in this prefecture and are still very much present there to date. Hida furniture is characterized and well-renowned for its artisanal production process of wood furniture that respects the tradition and craftsmanship that has existed in the Gifu prefecture during centuries. Hida furniture is considered as high quality furniture in high esteem among Japan and other Asian countries. All furniture originating from Takayama bears high standards . In line with tradition, the main component of Hida furniture is solid wood. No use of particleboard based wood is allowed. Oak, ash, cherry and walnut are the most often used woods, native to the Gifu prefecture, and are therefore sourced locally. Often combined with either wool fabrics or leather, it emphasizes the importance of using natural materials. The natural, organic and yet distinctive design of Hida furniture is still relatively unknown in Europe, however it is gaining in popularity with open minded consumers who appreciate quality and aesthetics. The Hida furniture combines perfectly with the more Western furniture style and provides a valuable addition for any contemporary, modernist or midcentury interior.

We are the exclusive Benelux distributor of Takayama Wood Works and we would be more than happy answering any questions and/or remarks you might have and to provide you with a tailored solution according to your requirements. Prices and specs are upon request.

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