Pierre Chapo

The legacy of Pierre Chapo continues

Pierre Chapo - The legacy of Pierre Chapo continues, Pierre Chapo

Pierre Chapo

The legacy of Pierre Chapo (1927-1987) continues. In the south of France and in the original workshop where Pierre Chapo once produced his masterpieces, production continues of his pieces to date. His son, Fidel and grand son, Zoran, still build in an artisanal manner all the legendary pieces according to original recipe together with a small team of devoted craftsmen. The materials, quality and looks are identical to the vintage Chapo pieces and there is no distinction visible. Because prices of vintage Chapo pieces have become increasingly rare to acquire, this is your opportunity to purchase an original Chapo furniture piece. We are delighted to have been granted the opportunity to sell these pieces on behalf of the Chapo company in France for the Netherlands. All the models Chapo ever created can still be ordered and will be produced by order in the South of France. Authenticity guaranteed, craftsmanship ensured, history secured.

We would be more than happy answering any questions and/or remarks you might have and to provide you with a tailored solution according to your requirements. Prices and specs are upon request.

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