Original, affordable and high quality design furniture with a Mediterranean touch  


Anesis is a young manufacturer of contemporary design furniture based in Thessaloniki Greece. The company was created during the late 90s and has since been able to carve their own niche in the market. Anesis draws inspiration from nature and the brand has a very strong focus on the use of natural materials as wood. With their organic and functional design style with a Mediterranean touch, Anesis has been able to create their own distinct design imprint in the market they serve. Every piece produced by Anesis is handcrafted in their factory and with slight exception only through the use of solid wood. To achieve this, wood is directly purchased from local suppliers only. Anesis strongly believes that quality and affordability can go hand in hand and the brand provides a strong value proposition based on the material- and build quality provided. The Anesis pieces are equipped either in solid ash wood, walnut or oak and are often combined with ceramics. Multiple finish options are available as per customers request. Due to the interesting value proposition, Anesis is very suitable for contract design as well.

We are the Benelux sales agent for Anesis and we would be more than happy answering any questions and/or remarks you might have and to provide you with a tailored solution according to your requirements. Prices and specs are upon request.

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